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Welcome to HITACHIYA

“Qualities of our cookware and utensils” ~Material and design that brings about the essence of food~ ~ the calming scent of wood~ ~and the strength and durability of hand crafted work~ “These indispensable cooking utensils that were created by the gift of wisdom out of Japanese culture, gradually come to fit the user’s hands and daily cooking becomes a pleasure and a time to relax. After spending 55 years in the kitchen of Japan , Tsukiji, Hitachiya has opened a ...

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★SEP 6th (sat) Healthy Sushi Rice and Vege CA Roll Cooking Class

SEP 6th (sat) from 12noon to 2pm Come out to our next cooking class with COOKIN’ STUFF! This class is PERFECT for both Vegetarians & Vegans! RSVP here today! COOKIN STUFF= 2722 Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance CA 90505  Tel: 310,371,2220 P.S What? Did I hear someone say you get a free Makisu (Sushi Rolling Mat) with the class?

Osaka Hako Sushi (Boxed Sushi)

Have you ever heard of a boxed sushi?? Hako-sushi or also known as Oshi-sushi is a type of sushi that originated from the Kansai region of Japan, and is a favorite and specialty in Osaka. Unlike the circular sushi you’re used to seeing, a hako sushi is block-shaped and is made using an oshibako. Click here to watch a short 1:12 clip of what Mr. Hirota saw in Osaka. Mr. Hirota will share the toppings used for the sushi at ...


Cooking Brown Rice with an Earthen Pot

I got to cook some brown rice with this beautiful earthenware pot from Hitahiya the other day! The process was simple, after soaking the brown rice overnight (4-6 hrs), I poured the rice into the pot and added about 5 cups of water (for 3 cups of brown rice) and a dash of salt. I then cooked the rice on high heat for about 5 minutes then on medium heat for about 12 minutes, then on low heat for 23 ...



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