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Welcome to HITACHIYA

“Qualities of our cookware and utensils” ~Material and design that brings about the essence of food~ ~ the calming scent of wood~ ~and the strength and durability of hand crafted work~ “These indispensable cooking utensils that were created by the gift of wisdom out of Japanese culture, gradually come to fit the user’s hands and daily cooking becomes a pleasure and a time to relax. After spending 55 years in the kitchen of Japan , Tsukiji, Hitachiya has opened a ...

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Mixed Gingko Rice

Hello~, have you all had a taste of this year’s Shinnmai (新米)  yet? To tell you the truth, I had not….. until I saw this year’s Shinnmai being cooked in a traditional earthenware on TV. “I want to eat that! I must eat that” is what I, Staff N,  thought to myself. And so, I decided to make an autumn dish, Mixed Gingko Rice. I’ve roasted and used gingkos for tempura, stir-fry dishes, and garnishes for sake, but never have I ...


Noda Horo Butter Case

                          Introducing you this beautiful butter case made by Noda Horo. The lid is made from the Sakura Tree and the body of the case is made from enamel  (Made in Japan). Enamel prevents smells to linger on your containers, and is the perfect material for storing butter.                   The lid can also be used as a mini cutting board as ...


JapanUp! October 2014

This month’s topic: USUBA KNIVES Did you know there were two types of usuba knives? If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right knife, stop by our store and we would be more than happy to help find the right knife for you.  “Using the right knife will help improve your cooking skills, so let’s choose your knife wisely!” Don’t forget to check out our online knife shop at: knifeshop.hitachiya.com   *Click on the picture to zoom ...



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