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“Qualities of our cookware and utensils” ~Material and design that brings about the essence of food~ ~ the calming scent of wood~ ~and the strength and durability of hand crafted work~ “These indispensable cooking utensils that were created by the gift of wisdom out of Japanese culture, gradually come to fit the user’s hands and daily cooking becomes a pleasure and a time to relax. After spending 55 years in the kitchen of Japan , Tsukiji, Hitachiya has opened a ...

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Knife Tip

Recently the damasucus knife and other knives that use blade material that consists of three metals have become popular. There is however, one point, people must be very careful about and that is that they must not sharpen it as in they do for a single-bladed knife. If they do, the knife will no longer be able to cut properly. At our store we sharpen these knives on both sides within a ratio of 5:5~ 4:6. We make it so ...


Earthen Mortar

Hello everyone this is Staff U Today I would like to talk about a long seller at our Hitachiya store in Tsukiji, Japan (which we carry in our Hitachiya USA store as well) and that is the round (suribachi katakuchi) lipped Earthen mortar. The distinct shape is so appealing including the basic yet distinct pattern. This mortar can be used for a small bowl as well such as a dressing/sauce container/dripper. Since it’s such a great hit, we asked the ...


Not Just A Jar

Sour plum, plum liqueur(Ume-shu), plum juice At our store we carry the jar that allows you to make your very own . Sizes vary from 1L, 2L, 4L. In the case of plum liqueur or plum juice, if you use about 1kg of sour plum the 4L size is best fit for the job. This jar is made out of stainless and has silicon attached to the cap so that it is tightly sealed.The opening is large allowing for ease ...



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