Seiro (Wooden Steamer) with a 2-Headed Wooden Top

Handmade cookware that concentrates the delicious flavor in steamed dishes.

7.1″ 18cm $145 [SOLD OUT]
8.3″ 24cm/9.4″ $255 [
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Made in Japan

【The benefits of cooking with Seiro】
  1. It keeps the flavor in.
    The steam envelops the food as it cooks, so the
    flavor becomes condensed.
  2. Healthy cooking
    The fatty content of food, such as meat drips out, so the end result is healthier.
  3. It keeps food delicious longer.
    The food is cooked in wrapped in steam, so
    the food is soft when it’s just done and does not
    get as hard when it cools.
You can also flip the top upside down and use the wooden steamer as a plate itself.
“Freshly Made Bao is so addictive, you just have to try it.”
Carefully take out the piping hot steamed bao that’s peeping through the steam and you eat it as you huff and puff.
I’m warning you, you won’ be able to stop