The container to make your fluffy and chewy rice

3.5 cup /18cm $158
5 cup /21cm $189
7 cup /24cm $210
10 cup /27cm $259
One Cup=180ml – Japanese Measurement cup
Japanese Cypress

Made in Japan

【The characteristics of Cypress】
  • The rice does not spoil as easily because of its antibiotic quality and great absorption water.
  • It preserves the rice at its perfect state because the wood lets extra water content out and keeps the right amount of water in when the rice is kept in it
  • The rice will be delicious for one day in the summer and 2 to 3 days in the winter.

Everyone can enjoy making sushi hand rolls at the dinner table by storing sushi rice inside.
Fresh cooked rice tastes incredibly better when it’s just placed in the Ohitsu.
Even cold rice will be very good!