“Kozan” Tetsubin (鉄瓶) Iron Kettle

The Kettle that Makes the Water Smooth

1.8L 8.4″ × 6.8″ × 8.6″ $660 SOLD OUT
1.3L 7.2′ × 5.8′ × 7.4′ $560 SOLD OUT
0.6L 6″ × 4.8″ × 6.2 $410 SOLD OUT
Iron (Nanbu Tekki, Southern Iron)
Heat Sources
Gas, electric induction and electric

Made in Japan

【The Benefits of an Iron kettle】
  1. Prevention of Iron Deficiency
    Much of the iron that comes out of the Southern Iron is absorbable. Iron Deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. These Iron Kettles made from Nanbu Tekki (Southern Iron) are effective in reducing the risk and has benefits that the aluminum and stainless kettles do not have. And it is also said it helps prevent Altzheimer’s Disease.
  2. The water will taste smooth.
    Iron kettle removes chlorine as the water is boiled in them so regular tap water tastes smoother like magic. It will make drinks such as Japanese Tea, Coffee, and Tea and food taste better.

Tea will taste really great and the water will taste very smooth.