The Container to Make your Best Sushi Rice

2.5 cup 10.8″ 27cm $68.00
3 cup 12″ 30cm $72.00

5 cup 13.2″ 33cm $79
7 cup 14.4″ 36cm $102.00
10 cup 15.6″ 39cm $116.00 Sold out
21.6″ 45cm $222.00 SOLD OUT
24″ 60cm $360 Sold out
One cup=180ml – Japanese measurement cup
Japanese Cypress
Band is made out of copper

Made in Japan

【The characteristics of Cypress】
  1. The rice does not spoil as easily because of its antibiotic quality and great ability to absorb water.
  2. It preserves the rice at its perfect state because the wood lets extra water content out and keeps the right amount of water in when the rice is kept in it.
  3. The breathability of the tree adjusts the water content of the rice to just where it needs to be. (The sushi rice is much better than when made in a regular bowl.)
Other Ways of Using a Handai
  • You can enjoy hand rolled sushi with your family or enjoy chilled somen noodles in the summer by filling it with ice. You can also chill wine in it as a makeshift ice bucket and have a relaxing time.