Soft and Fluffy, “Hanafukin”

45 x 45 cm $12.50 sold out
58 x 58 cm $12.50
Color :
100% linen (only for the linen color)100% Cotton (all other colors)
Sakura(pink), Na no hana(yellow), Wakaba(green), Ajisai(Blue), Sumire(Violet), White Lily(white), Linen
The Hanafukin can be used in various ways: wipe dishes and tables as a dishcloth, for Chakinshibori, straining ‘Dashi,’ and wrapping lunches.

Made in Japan

【Special Qualities】
Made of mosquito net cloth, a Nara specialty, the Hanafukin is a large, sheer and durable kitchen cloth that can be used with various sized dishes.

    1. Permeable
    2. Excellent absorbency
    3. Dries extremely fast
    4. About 4 times larger than your typical dishcloth.
A brand new Hanafukin will have glue on them. Please wash off the glue with lukewarm water before use. With use, the Hanafukin will become fluffy and increase its absorbency.
Hand wash using natural detergent. If washing in a washing machine, put the Hanafukin in a washing net with a liquid detergent without any fluorescent brightener. Sterilize your Hanafukin by boiling in salt & vinegar water for 5 min. or oxygenated detergent (to avoid color fading) to remove any stains that do not come off after washing.