Knife Sharpening service schedule

Nijiya Knife Sharpening picture blog

We have Knife Hand Sharpening service at Nijiya Torrance Store. Every First & Second Wednesday of the month.

Before and After


A before and after shot of a yanagi sashimi knife! Click to zoom in.

Hitachiya Online Knife Shop Now Open!


Attention to our long-distance customers!! HitachiyaUSA opened an online knife shop today! Now you can order our knives online. Check out our collection of knives at:

JapanUp! Aug 2014


Mention JapanUp! to get 10% OFF any petty knives for the month of August!! Don’t forget, our cooking classes at COOKIN STUFF is this month 8/23 from 12-2 pm. Come learn how to make homemade tofu and miso soup from scratch! Click on the picture to zoom in!

Knife Sharpening Class


Knife Sharpening Class Would you like to learn how to sharpen your knives from a professional? Purpose: To be able to properly sharpen your knives. Why? Safer Faster Delicious! With a properly sharpened knife, not only will it be safer, but you will be able to cook faster AND still cook delicious food! Group Lessons: 1st &3rd Tue. of the month: 11:00am-12:30pm 1st &3rd Sat. of the month: 10:00am-11:30pm Fee: $80 (including needed materials) Min: 2 people Max: 3 people ...

Japanese Sword-like Knives


I can’t believe I had a dream of cutting ingredients with a real Japanese sword! In the first place, no matter how sharp a Japanese sword is, it’s not used for cutting ingredients. Nevertheless, the Japanese sword has its bottomless charm. I have a strong desire to own and use one as I recall Mr. Matsuda, a swordsmith, slicing bamboo elegantly in the air. Among the many kitchen knives, the Tamahagane knife makes me feel as if I’m using a ...

Another Knife Makeover!


A before and after shot of a knife that had a crooked curve. Our customer brought in this knife after trying to sharpen it on his/her own. Unfortunately he/she only succeeded in sharpening the center of the edge and brought the knife in to get some help. We re-leveled the blade to give it a smooth cutting edge again! Click on the picture to see the full picture!

Knife Make Over!


A before and after shot of a knife that had lost its curve. We re-leveled the blade to have a smoother taper to the knife’s tip so it can properly function as a Deba Knife! Click on the picture to see a closer up look.    

Preserve the Freshness of Your Sushi by Sharpening at the End of the Day!

sharpening photo for blog

When I first came to America, I was aware of the unique American-style of sushi but was thoroughly impressed by their differences and variety! Interestingly, I noticed chefs sharpening knives before or during work instead of after work. Although this may be normal practice in America, I feel like it would taste better and more genuine if you sharpen your knives at the end of the day to prevent a metallic after taste on the sushi.  What do you think?? Please, ...

Sharpening with a Carpenter

Bonito Shaver

The other day a carpenter visited our store and we got to talking about the different ways to sharpen our tools. This carpenter of over forty years experience uses tools with an edge that we call a “Hiraba” or flat-toothed, chisel-type edge. This is the hands-down best edge for tools like chisels, hand planes, and bonito shavers. These edges are extremely strong and lends itself to the specific application of scraping rather than slicing. So when sharpening a blade for ...