Knife Sharpening service schedule

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We have Knife Hand Sharpening service at Nijiya Torrance Store. Every First & Second Wednesday of the month.

Knife Sharpening service at Nijiya Market

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We had Knife sharpening service at Nijiya Market( 182nd St and Van Ness Ave.) on Mar. 10, 2017 You can be pick up on same day. In case of major modification needed for the knife( Big chipping or re-shape, etc ), it will take few days but you can pick up Nijiya Market(182nd Store). Sharpening price list Petty $13.00 ~ Santoku $18.00 ~ Chef $21.00 ~ Yanagi $21.00 ~ Please bring your knife that need to be sharpen. We also ...

What’s New? (1)


Reac’s Reina Brown Oil Pot (0.8 L) Two Ways to Strain your oil with this pot:  1. Use the net that’s included with the pot 2. Use your kitchen paper or oil strainer paper



We’ve got a lot of new arrivals from Japan!! Annnnd here’s a glimpse of what’s new. We’ll be introducing them on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website so stay tuned for more!!

Cooking Brown Rice with an Earthen Pot


I got to cook some brown rice with this beautiful earthenware pot from Hitahiya the other day! The process was simple, after soaking the brown rice overnight (4-6 hrs), I poured the rice into the pot and added about 5 cups of water (for 3 cups of brown rice) and a dash of salt. I then cooked the rice on high heat for about 5 minutes then on medium heat for about 12 minutes, then on low heat for 23 ...



We have a variety of tongs here at Hitachiya, and just to introduce some of the many… These wooden tongs have a soft, natural look and a nice texture. Perfect for salad, bread, and pasta! This is one of the most convenient ones–a mini tong. It’s made out of stainless steel and has a basic design. This size is perfect for me, the same size as the palm of my hand, and I feel like I’m using my fingers instead ...

Hoshikago–the making process


Two years ago, one of our staff was able to go and visit the skilled craftsman behind Hitachiya’s original Hoshikago. Here’s what she had to tell about her experience: 2012.11.27. The other day, I had the opportunity to visit the craftsman behind Hitachiya’s original Hoshikago.   First step, sweing the outer part of the net.   The fasteners on the corner seemed difficult to sew on a curve, but the craftsman kept on sewing smoothly with her skilled technique.   ...

Eel Oshi-Sushi


  We tried making an Eel Oshi-Sushi using the Japanese Oshi-sushi making tool, Oshi-Waku. The key to eating delicious eel is to steam it. Our Chinese-style Seiro Steamer (Made in Japan) is perfect for this. Click on the picture below to see a video of the steamed eel! Surprisingly, the sushi rice and the eel were a good match! Unlike last year, the price of the eel is expected to be much cheaper this year so I’m looking forward to ...

A “Must Have” for Cleaning


Here’s a before and after shot of a used ohitsu. *Click on the photo to enlarge it. *For more information on our Ohitsu, click HERE. How did we manage to make the ohitsu so clean? We used this magical cleaning tool featured in the picture below.   Cutting Board Shaver This product is mainly used for washing/ cleaning your wooden/plastic/rubber cutting boards. However, as seen in the picture above, it’s perfect for cleaning other materials as well! It has a ...

Knife Makeover


A before and after shot of a knife that was in need of repair. It’s owner accidentally dropped the knife and chipped its point, but now its ready to be back in use! *Click on the photo to enlarge it