We were featured in the Yomiuri Newspaper!


Our store in Tsukiji was interviewed by Yomiuri Shinbun’s “Yomiuri Katei Ban” last month! The topic was “Wa no Daidokoro Dougu (和のキッチン道具),” which means “The Kitchenwares of Wa.” Featured are our: bamboo colanders, Kiya knives, Hinoki Cutting Boards, Earthenware Pots, Japanese Mortar and Pestle, and Cheesecloth. *Click on the pic to zoom in.

JapanUp! October 2014


This month’s topic: USUBA KNIVES Did you know there were two types of usuba knives? If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right knife, stop by our store and we would be more than happy to help find the right knife for you.  “Using the right knife will help improve your cooking skills, so let’s choose your knife wisely!” Don’t forget to check out our online knife shop at: knifeshop.hitachiya.com   *Click on the picture to zoom ...

Japan Up! April 2014


Topic of April: Integrity in Japanese Cuisine Hitachiya’s Masazumi Hirota talks about the Integrity in Japanese Cooking , and his thoughts about Japanese cuisine being added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List last December in this month’s Japan Up Magazine. You can pick up a free copy of the magazine in our store! (Click to enlarge the photo)