Speedy Fine Shred Peeler

This peeler has cutting edges that make it possible for fine-shredding your vegetables quickly and effortlessly for your sashimi, salad, and soup. *image taken from amazon It’s also easy to take care of since it’s made out of stainless steel. To demonstrate how fine the cutting edge is…. I took a white, shriveled radish that I had left in my frig for a little too long, and tried shredding it with this peeler. Below is the end result: I was ...


Fusion Suribachi

This handy suribachi is actually a combination of a mortar and a millstone. Although mortars are commonly used for grating things like sesame seeds, this suribachi was actually made to eat tea leaves! Asides sesame seeds and tea leaves, this mortar can also be used to grate anchovy, flower peppers, and herbs as well. All you have to do is hold the mortar and millstone horizontally parallel to each other and grate your ingredients.   We tried grating green tea ...


Tadafusa Knives Restocked

The highly demanded Tadafusa Knives have finally arrived! Supplies are limited, but we have the bread cutting knife and the santoku knife (the two pictured on the left). Bread Cutting Knife 24 cm $140.00   Santoku Knife 17cm $130.00                         Have you ever thought that Tadafusa’s mark looks like pliers? Actually, this tool right here called ‘Yattoko‘ was used as a motif for this symbol. This is a tool ...


Our Excellent Bamboo Strainers

This bamboo strainer is a little different from the normal bamboo strainers you may be used to seeing.                 As you can see, this bamboo strainer has some depth to it!                 This bamboo strainer was made by the craftsmen in Sado, Japan. It is surprisingly strong and hard, and the edges won’t start to break as quickly since it is handmade by talented craftsmen. We ...


Noda Horo Butter Case

                          Introducing you this beautiful butter case made by Noda Horo. The lid is made from the Sakura Tree and the body of the case is made from enamel  (Made in Japan). Enamel prevents smells to linger on your containers, and is the perfect material for storing butter.                   The lid can also be used as a mini cutting board as ...


Why Water Tastes Better with a Tetsubin

Tetsubin (鉄瓶) A tetsubin (Japanese:鉄瓶, “iron kettle”) is a Japanese cast-iron boiler for water. It’s a traditional hand crafted object that has been developed in Japan for hundreds of years. How They’re Made Tetsubin can be made two ways: by pouring molten iron into either clay or sand molds. 1. Clay Clay molds are mostly used for making high-end Tetsubin products. 2. Sand Testbin that are mass produced for commercial sales and export are usually made from sand molds. Difference ...


Ponpindo (ポンピン堂)

Ponpindo (ポンピン堂) was found in 2002 by Mr. Kosaku Ohno, a designer and the current head of the Edo Katazome-ya “Sara-kei(更銈),” as a workshop to make household goods. Their work mainly revolves around stencil dyeing, and incorporates contemporary design into the handwork that has been passed down throughout generations in Japan. HitachiyaUSA carries Ponpindo’s beautiful washcloths (手ぬぐい).


What’s New? (2)

HARIO TEO-70 This stylish and functional HARIO tea pot is perfect for tea lovers! With this tea pot, you can pull up the tea leaves holder to adjust the strength to your liking, and even re-use the tea leaves again for another cup of tea. Size: W160・D125・H156 Capacity: 700 ml Material: Olive Wood, Glass, Stainless Steel HARIO TPC-70 A simple design HARIO tea pitcher for any kind of loose leaf tea. Can hold enough tea for 3-4 people. Size: W156・D120・H148 ...


What’s New? (1)

Reac’s Reina Brown Oil Pot (0.8 L) Two Ways to Strain your oil with this pot:  1. Use the net that’s included with the pot 2. Use your kitchen paper or oil strainer paper



We’ve got a lot of new arrivals from Japan!! Annnnd here’s a glimpse of what’s new. We’ll be introducing them on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website so stay tuned for more!!