NEW ARRIVALS-Bamboo Basket/市場かご

Bamboo Basket with liner. Special item by HITACHIYA USA. Only one in stock! Hurry.


NEW ARRIVALS cast iron kettle / MIKUMARI

MIKUMARI CAST IRON KETTLE NANBU TEKKI/南部鉄器 This is the special item! We have only one in stock. Hurry.


NEW ARRIVALS- Daube Donabe

Daube Donabe It is a series that is rich in size and can be selected depending on the application.   The bottom is flat and not too deep, it is a feature that it can be used for various purposes. The No. 9 pot is just right size for a pan surrounded by 4 to 5 people. 

before after july 2017

We can fix your knife!

Do you have an old knife or broken knife in your drawer? Bring that to HITACHIYA USA. We can fix your knife. This knife tip was broken off. We reshape the knife and sharpen the knife. Looks very good does’t it? If you have a knife/knives that you think you can’t fix it/them in the drawer bring it/them to the HITACHIYA USA. We will try our best.

nijiya kaitaisho 2


At the Nijiya market Torrance store had held Tuna fish dismantling show on Saturday July 1. The demonstrator used TAKAYUKI SAKAI SLICER/KIRITSUKE-YANAGI from our store/ HITACHIYA USA. The demonstrator was amazed how sharp it was and cut/sliced beautiful. The sashimi looked much better because of the sharpness of the knife! “It is amaaazing ! ” This is what the demonstrator said.


SALE-The World Famous Brand-”SUWADA” nail clipper

Perfected by Suwada Blacksmith. SALE! JULY 8TH & 9TH, SAT & SUN $110 ➡$99 The unique nail-fitting curve Prevent from having an ingrown nail High strength steel by forging Made of High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL



Look! how pretty it is! Turquoise color brings your table delightful moment. Enjoy your moment with favorite drinks. Cup : $19.80 Bowl : $23.30



Aren’t they adorable?? You can collect them all or just one for yourself! Your favorite dish will look so beautiful! L $44.00 8″ diameter M $36.00 6″ S $18.20 4″ XS $12.70 3″



Today I would like to talk about a long seller at our Hitachiya USA and that is the round (suribachi katakuchi) lipped Earthen mortar. The distinct shape is so appealing including the basic yet distinct pattern. This mortar can be used for a small bowl as well such as a dressing/sauce container/dripper. Since it’s such a great hit, we asked the maker if it’s possible to make a Hitachiya Original Mortar and we received a positive response happily. So today, ...



Steak, stir-fry, quick suki-yaki, oven-baking, or even microwave-cooking etc., Iga-yaki toban (donabe skillet) is a unique cookware as well as a serving dish at the same time.Toban (literally translates into “ceramic skillet”), is one of traditional-style Japanese cookware which can work as skillet or shallow pot. Once the ingredients are cooked in toban, you can serve it directly at the table.