HAKOZUSHI(Pressed box sushi)/Unagi(eel) & Salmon and California Roll April,23(Sat) 11:30 – 2 hours class Class fee $45.00/person At Cookin’ Stuff 2722 Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance CA 90505 By appointment only: please contact 310-534-3136 or Cancellation fee will be applied; The day before class; 50% of the fee On the day of class; 100% of the fee Come join us & have fun!!


Donabe cooking book is now in our store!

Just arrived “Donabe” Japanese clay pot cooking book. It has over 300 pages, $35. Japanese clay pot “Donabe” cooking has been refined over centuries into a versatile and simple method for preparing both dramatic and comforting one-pot meals. Let’s enjoy donabe cooking!


Shojin Ryori Class.

The experience of making and eating Shojin Ryori(vegetarian cooking) introduces you to the heart, spirit and traditions of Japan. We, HITACHIYA USA invited one of our special friend, Reverend Masami Asao who is the Head of Akasaka Teran(赤坂 寺庵)from Japan. 寺 means Jokokuji Temple (name changed from Teikyo An Temple). 庵 means a small house used for Teikyo An Temple about 350 years ago. Profile of Reverend Masami Asao Graduate of the Department of Food Science, Sagami Women’s University. Assistant temple ...


It’s a Coffee Break!!

What is the secret to brewing delicious coffee? It is a fresh grind coffee beans and a Nel Drip!! Your room will be filled with coffee aroma. Pour coffee in to your favorite cup and enjoy your coffee break!!


May Cooking Class

We send a BIG thank you to our participants who came out to the Dried Vegetables Class!! We had a successful turnout and hope you all enjoyed it! Here is a picture from the event: Looking forward to see everyone next Shojin Ryori Cooking Class in June !

shojin ryori flyer

Shojin Ryori Cooking Class in June

Masami Asao`s Shojin Ryori Cooking Class is coming soon!!! June 5(Fri),2015 for Japanese, June 6(Sat),2015 for English, June 8(Mon), 2015 for Japanese and English The experience of cooking and eating shojin ryori connect you to the heart, spirit, and tradition of Japan. Please join us!! For more information please contact at or 310-534-3136

hoshiyasai pos

The May Cooking Class is Here!!!

Discover the new taste and wonder of vegetables with us!! Get your reservation today!!!


Cooking class (Tempura/Somen) Turnout

We send a BIG thank you to our participants who came out to the tempura and somen class yesterday! We had a successful turnout and hope you all enjoyed it! Here are some pictures from the event:   


April Cooking Class “Tempura&Somen (White Noodles)”

The tempura cooking class is now the tempura and somen(white noodles) class!! Somen is easy to make, and simply good to eat!! It is especially great to eat on hot days for it will cool you down perfectly! Not to mention it is a very healthy dish that goes well with tempura; one of the most well-known Japanese dishes that gives you a new sensation of crispiness, tastiness, and umami. Come and join us as we learn how to make ...


News ! News ! News !

HITACHIYA’s Dried Vegetable Cooking Book has been published in KOREA!! YAY!! DRIED VEGETABLES – flavored by sun! – HITACHIYA, has published our original cooking book “DRIED VEGETABLES” in the Korean language in 2014!! This book guides you on how to prepare dried vegetables and contains recipes for delicious dishes using dried vegetables as well! Check it out!!