Shinmai Rice

It’s this time of year now….

the fall season for shinmai (新米)or new harvest rice!!

I just got a package of homemade rice from my parents from home as well.

I immediately ate the rice with dried food and fish boiled in soy sauce, both from the Tsukiji Market.

The aroma of freshly cooked rice never fails to make me happy.

At Hitachiya, we have always been introducing  this Traditional Earthenware Rice Cooker and Ohitsu. I especially recommend these to customers who want to cook and eat delicious shinmai .

You can easily cook perfectly cooked rice with this Earthenware Rice Cooker, and it is also popular for its cute round look. It can also be used for cooking dishes like stew.

The Ohitsu absorbs the excess moisture from the cooked rice. Once the rice cools down and starts to run out of moisture, the rice then absorbs the moisture again from the wood of the Ohitsu. So you can still enjoy cold rice without worrying about its hardness later on during the day.

 We carry the following sizes:

Earthenware Rice Cooker:

3 cups- $43.48

5 cups- $69.48

7 cups-$79.80


3.5 cups- $170.00

5 cups- $199.60

7 cups- $219.00

If you’re looking for a bigger size, please let one of the staffs know and we would be more than happy to help you.

-Staff H

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